In an increasingly multicultural world it is essential to create a platform where people of different ethnicities can cultivate ideas and projects together.

Being an existing format in many countries in the world, Protem Communication & Marketing will be the first agency to bring this event also in Italy, enriching it with the national values. In order to be land successfulyl , the chosen city is Milan, cradle of fashion excellence in the world, with the organization of:

  • Afro Fashion Week Milano 2016 “AFW2016”, the week with the essence of the Afro through fashion shows, offering top collections that represent the new market to invest in.
  • Afro Fashion Workshop and themed exhibitions: social events to get closer to the Afro culture involving photographers, bloggers and owners of renowned social profiles like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

The Afro Fashion Week Milan is an annual event of Haute-Couture and Street-Couture created to celebrate Afro fashion through its fabrics, increasingly used by the greatest stylists in the world and is very popular among the celebrities and ordinary people; it is also the opportunity to celebrate the work of designers making the audience to preview the latest trends.

The creations resulting from the Afro world or inspired by it are no longer limited to the African or Caribbean target but also to an international audience.

The vivid colors and special textures are always successful in the most famous fashion capitals.

Afro Fashion Week Italy was built to create the opportunity to stylists and fashion designers to have a word in the textile industry and to make known their creativity through the use of raw materials in an innovative way.

Unlike other fashion weeks, the Afro Fashion Week Milan is also created to give space and publicize the emerging designers.

The event provides an opportunity to increase the designers’ experience, be competitive, present and recognized at the international level.

The event will last four days starting from 21th to 27th September 2016 and it will be held in the Circolo della Stampa in Milan.

The format calls for the direct involvement of:

National opinion leaders, Bloggers, Social Media team, Fashion Designers, Fashion houses, Fashion Schools, Web users and the main social networks through the activity of the social media team of Afro Fashion Week.



The Afro Fashion Digital Contest consist in the submission online, through the Protem’s social media channels ( web site, facebook, instagram, etc) of 20 mid-level designers (men’s fashion, women’s fashion, children’s fashion,accessories) from all over the world.

Each of these designers will present three creations:

  • An entry model
  • A model for the semi-finals
  • A model for the finals

The twenty designers will be invited to Italy in order to achieve:

  • Photo shooting for each of their creations (entry, semifinals, final)
  • Interview of each of them, only the ones of the semifinals participants will be displayed.
  • Backstage pictures and videos
  • Group pictures of the participants

The Social Contest will be launched and the five finalists of the competition will be invited back in Italy for the proclamation of two winners: one proclaimed by the Social Community, who will take part in Afro Fashion Week Milan 2016 sponsored by the Protem Communication & Marketing, and one proclaimed by a specific committee which will award a cash prize for the production of his collection.

Having said that, We ask ……… to share the entire event by actively participating as a Partner honoring us with Your presence and echoing the work that we defend: diversity as an asset, not fear.

Thanking you for your kind consideration regarding the subject matter.

Kind regards